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Matrix Support 2015

With Matrix rapidly becoming the industry standard design software of choice amongst jewellers in Australia and New Zealand, as you can imagine, our tech support team is often run off it’s feet. In order to deliver a fair, comprehensive and more personalised service to our customers we have created a Support forum on our website which is only available to those who have a valid support package with us.

12 months support after your initial support has expired is charged at $750.00 inc GST

Please contact Anthony for further details at

Counter Sketch Studio Support

Gemvision will charge all CSS clients $295.00US annually for continuation of updates, database additions and quotation software included in CSS.

For those who wish to renew their support option with Evolution  Counter Sketch Studio Support is currently priced at $250.00 annually inc GST

Revo 540CX Milling support inc RWEP

Gemvision will contact all Revo Mill clients annually and offer the opportunity to subscribe to the Revo Warranty Exchange Program (RWEP).

Revo Warranty Exchange Program (RWEP) Updated August 12, 2010
The following represents the policy regarding this program:

Price with documented training: $975.00 per year per machine providing the company purchasing has taken Revo basic training.  Please note however; the price goes to $1,175.00 if the RWEP is purchased two (2) or more months after warranty expiration and providing the company purchasing has taken Revo basic training.

Price without documented training: $1,670.00 per year per machine if the company purchasing has NEVER taken Revo basic training.  Please note however; the price goes to $1,870.00 if the RWEP is purchased two (2) or more months after warranty expiration and if the company purchasing has NEVER taken Revo basic training.

Customer Eligibility: Immediately on or slightly before the date their original purchase warranty expires. Any Revo540 unit with a lapse in RWEP coverage of more than 18 months will not be eligible for the RWEP unless it is first certified at Gemvision headquarters.  The cost of certification is currently $1,995.00 plus a) the cost of any parts that fall outside of the certification process and b) all freight charges. Once the Revo540 unit is certified it will then be eligible for the RWEP at the current price without the 2 month lapse penalty.

Coverage Type: This exchange program only covers damages or failures resulting from manufacturer’s defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of RWEP purchase and does not cover misuse, abuse, accident, or acts of nature or terrorism.

Parts Covered: All Revo 540 Parts

Labor Exclusion: The RWEP is a part exchange program.  If the damaged or failed part requires specialized installation whether on-site or in-house, any labor, travel or freight required is not covered under this program. Specialized installation charge is $500.00 per day plus all related travel and freight expenses.

Exchange System Policy: The RWEP is a part exchange program.  If a Revo 540 part fails in accordance with the Coverage Type above, then Gemvision will ship the customer a replacement part at no cost, providing the defective part is returned to us within twenty (20) days of the replacement part shipping date.  This exchange part may be new or reconditioned and is solely dependent on what is in stock.  There will be no special requests accepted for new or reconditioned parts.  Ground shipping is included in the annual price and any type of freight or expedited shipping will be charged at the time of shipment.  Customer is always responsible for the return shipment of the failed part, both in terms of shipping and insurance.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Feel free to contact Evolution on 1300 926 296 should you have any questions.

How It All Works

To make the Matrix support renewal an easy process for everyone, your support will be due 12 months from when you have purchased it. Our team at Evolution Jewellers and Gemvision are always ready to help with any issue that you may have when using the Matrix software, however should you decide against renewing your support option, and contact us later with an issue (error message etc), we will invoice you the amount of $65.00 payable prior to attending to your issue.

At Evolution Jewellers, we pride ourselves on support for our Matrix, CSS and Revo clients. If you have a file that is causing you some trouble, please detail your issue and attach your file to the support form which can be found on the Forum Tab of this website   You will be issued with a ticket number, and your query will be answered quickly.  Phone support is not recommended as we like to see your file in order to be able to help you more efficiently.

Our support team will attend to your problem quickly. (Please note that support emails are attended to in the order they arrive. Short delays may occur).  If your Matrix V7.5 or Revo support has lapsed and you would like to renew, please contact us for further details or go to the Forum page of this website.